Our mission is to broadcast radio program mes in a peaceful, non inflammatory and non propagandist way for the progress of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Themes of Broadcast

  1. Updates on Biafra's march to Revivification
  2. Human Rights and Biafran Issues
  3. Community Development
  4. Business and Enterprise Education
  5. Health and Well being

Our Philosophy

Biafra Voice International (BVI) is the indigenous Radio Station of the indigenous People of Biafra. BVI compliments other Biafran Media outfits with the sole aim of adequately informing the Biafran people and the members of the international about the need for the inevitable and unconditional liberation of Biafra from One-Nigeria. From Biafran Culture to language, Politics to lifestyle as well as Biafran histories would dominate our broadcast. Please feel free to join us as we bring to you, the truth about Nigeria and Biafra. Welcome to your BVI.

Biafran voice International (BVI) is the indigenous Radio Station of the indigenous People of Biafra. Publicity Department. We represent the Indigenous People of Biafra under the direction and guidance of the Supreme Council of Elders.

Our values are:

  1. To promote and publicize various initiatives of the enterprising Biafran People at home and in diaspora;
  2. To champion and respect the dignity and rights of the Biafran People all over the world;
  3. To provide a respectful, objective and non propagandist radio program mes for the Great People of Biafra;


Biafra Voice International (BVI) has gone a long way that ,all we think and work for are the root to freedom, liberty and emancipation of our people who are trapped in Nigeria. We are working hard to make sure that the voice of biafrans are heard throughout the world.. Making sure we establish our lovely stations through the four corners of this earth, our next step is taking BVI to the space... Coming soon, we are formidable, we breath, act and live Biafra. Be proud you are born among the rising sun.. Be proud you are a Biafrans.

Engr Steve Chukwunebunieze Ikpa

Biafran Voice Intl(BVI) Executive Director

The Director of Biafran Voice International and has an unshakable belief in the emancipation of the Indigenous of People Biafra(IPOB).

HRM. Justice Eze Ozobu

Chairman Supreme Council of Elders (SCE) - IPOB

Chief Sylvester Oduemegwu Ojukwu Esq

Akpunwa na Nnewi
Chief Sylvester Oduemegwu Ojukwu Esq

Member SCE of IPOB

Dr. Moses Nwigwe


He is an educator, adviser, creative patron, and supports Biafran freedom.

Chief (Col) J.O.G Achuzie

Ikemba of Asaba
Secretary - Supreme Council of Elders (SCE) - IPOB

Pst Ikenna Clarence Mbanefo

BVI Representative Biafraland.
Bilie Human Rights Initiative, President Plateau State Chapter and Middle Belt Coordinator.

Dr. Emmanuel Okafor


He is a human right activist, and supports the agitation for Biafran freedom in line with the UN mandate.

Chief Chekwas Okorie

Ojeozi Ndigbo.
Member SCE of IPOB

Next Steps...

Supporting the Biafran Cause... The ONLY Home we have is BiafraLand.