Welcome Message from the Executive Director

Fellow Biafrans in the struggle, i thank each and every one of us for our relentless effort in keeping the fire of Biafra freedom burning , i thank you all my crew members for all your efforts , soon the message of our freedom will be scattered through the nook and cranny of Biafra as we are getting our volunteers ready , don't be left out, sign as volunteer today.

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Remembering Biafran Heroes

All Biafrans who are alive today owe the life they are living to these great unsung heroes of the Biafran War years. Biafra’s War veterans are the greatest source of pride, dignity and inspiration to all Biafrans alive today; they are literally live-givers. They are the reason that any Biafran is still living today. So, all living Biafrans anywhere today owe them their very existence and will always remain grateful.
Biafra War was a Nigerian project; to cleanse itself of all traces of every Biafran. One of those battles was the Abagana Battle. It can almost be regarded singularly as the battle for the very soul of Biafra.
Pic Courtesy: http://www.ipob.org/p/biafran-heroes.html
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Today’s generation cannot afford to continue to shift their responsibility to other peoples and societies to handle it for them. Just one example will be enough to show what is meant by this. The Reverend Father Ameze Odogwu of the Roman Catholic Church is a Biafran veteran who fought on many battlefronts during those dark days of Biafra. It was by a sheer act of providence as he related that he survived with some manageable bodily wounds but he also suffered a very severe kind of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and for thirty five years he lived with this terrible human condition.

Biafrans fully admitted into United Nation Ecosoc , granted consultative status.

The just concluded United Nation Ecosoc Assembly meeting , held in New York, United State , has opened door for Biafrans to get themselves ready for the full agitation of their freedom as indigenous people. This came as United Nation has fully admitted them into the Ecosoc assembly  and has also granted consultative status to the Ecosoc Assembly of United Nation

This was announced by the Biafra Ecosoc United Nation delegate Miss Megan Adaobi Clement , why addressing the Indigeneous People of Biafra USA stakeholders at a round table meeting to mark the Biafra memorial and also celebrate the achievement of the SCE/BHRI on successful estabishment of the Government of Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), the progress of the Biafrans Self-Determination case versus Nigeria and Biafrans admission into United Nation Ecosoc assembly .


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